“The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress”.


That quote is from a plaque that hung in our family bakery for over 40 years.  We still have that original plaque proudly hanging in our business office today -  It reminds us daily about our commitments to you, our family, our values and the world we live in.




“To provide the freshest quality products for our family and customers - and do it with passion, concern for others and our environment.”




  • Manufacture quality products
  • Support organic farms & ingredients
  • Support environmental causes
  • Be an asset to our community
  • Give back







Our Team



about_angeliqueFounder & Farmer 


Angelique Macris Saffle 


Angelique’s passion for organic products began in the late 80’s, when she and her mother co-founded Nature’s Marketplace Nutrition, a health food store in Washington. In addition to being a successful national public speaker and business coach, she studied herbs, nutrition and loves helping people with their health.  “Farming was also an important part of our family heritage.  My father was an organic farmer who grew a special appellation of grapes in his homeland, Greece. Our family has a long history of working with the land.   Serving the natural products industry is a passion for us and we are honored we can be good stewards of the land.  Through the years, I have personally witnessed some incredible experiences from “flower power”! We are grateful for the Bodyceuticals family and it’s an honor every time someone shares a success story with us about our products. With God’s grace, we’ll continue to help make a difference in people’s lives as well as help our planet.”



Farmer & Beekeeper


Mark Saffle



Mark Saffle is co-owner and heads up our farm and apiary.  His specialty is gardening, soil nutrients & restoration.  He is an avid outdoorsman and is our farm Macgruber.  We are grateful for Mark’s sense of humor and service to our industry.  He has a deep care for the environment, conservation and for helping to save the bees.



Operations Manager





Jennifer was self-employed for 30 years with a small home based production business. An opportunity to go to work for Bodyceuticals came along 5 years ago and she has never looked back. Bodyceuticals has truly become part of her family. Jennifer and her husband enjoy gardening, hiking, road trips and playing with their 2 grandsons.



about_carleyBrand Manager



Carley started working for Bodyceuticals in the Fall of 2015 and feels so blessed to be working for such an amazing brand! She loves that the brand fits her lifestyle of living organically, taking care of your body and the environment. In her free time, you will find Carley teaching yoga and spending time in nature with her husband and dog, backpacking, climbing and exploring.




about_alexAccounting Specialist




Alex McKeel moved to Washington after completing her Accounting degree from Arizona State University. Now a proud Washington resident, Alex supports natural products like Bodyceuticals because of the trusted quality (have you tried the spearmint lip balm?!) and because Earth is a great planet and responsible sourcing is important. When Alex is not immersed in spreadsheets, hobbies include traveling, home improvement, and playing with her two dogs.



about_olivia_square.pngTrade Show Representative




Olivia is a Pacific NW native, loves the outdoors and is studying business and Environmental Studies. She is passionate about the natural products industry, has worked in health food stores and has attended many trade shows all over the US. She loves serving customers and is always willing to go the extra mile to help people find health and joy in their lives.



about_sales Sales


We are grateful and honored to be working with such an amazing team of salespeople across the country.   Our team works hard to serve our customers and feels a sense of responsibility to help others. They all love the natural products industry ...and that is a common bond we share. 

We have a special relationship with each of them and most importantly we laugh and enjoy the times we have together. 


about_educationEducation & Training


Our education team takes the behind-the-scenes information and brings it directly to customers thru events and training.  They are well educated in natural ingredients so they are able to answer customer’s questions and help select the right product for the customer’s needs.  

We always welcome new brand ambassadors to our team!  Please contact us at office@bodyceuticals.net  if you are interested in joining our team. 






We love having the opportunity to have interns on the farm.  They tell us it's a fun opportunity to see what it's like to work on various parts of a farm and business. Our interns help out doing a variety of tasks including plant care, warehouse maintenance, sample-making and more! 

Interested in becoming a brand ambassador? Email us at office@bodyceuticals.net 





The Farm




Soil to Skin


The Bodyceuticals USDA Certified Organic Farm is located in the Snoqualmie Valley, the agriculture region of King County in Western Washington and home to many organic farms.

This Valley is the ancestral home of the Snoqualmie tribe and used to be called "valley of the moon". This area is a remnant of an oceanic plate volcano and is part of the Western margin of the cascade range near Puget Sound. Our family farm is surrounded by a riparian forest, pristine streams and a lot of fresh air – a microclimate which all makes for exceptional plants & products for our customers.

Here are some of the Bodyceuticals farm highlights:

  • USDA Certified Organic Producer/Grower
  • USDA Certified Organic Processor/ Manufacturer
  • Closed farming system & permaculture practices
  • Well irrigation = pure water rich in minerals
  • Farm animals for manure – wildlife for diversity
  • Non-GMO seed preservation
  • Organic & Biodynamic practices
  • Certified Bee Friendly Farm & Apiary using holistic beekeeping methods
  • Herbs carefully harvested & products minimally processed to preserve nutrients


We're honored that we can take care of the land and produce exceptional quality products used by family, customers and practitioners worldwide.

We hope you love Bodyceuticals products and our beloved calendula. Thank you for your business and your support of organic agriculture. God bless.

- The Saffle family




When you use quality products, not only does a little go a long way, but the benefits are life-long. As a health food store owner for many years, we understand how important investing in your health is.

In addition, when you support products like these, you’re also supporting the Organic industry, all the organic farmers, artisans and families that go with it.

  • All our artisan products are crafted with superior ingredients and the highest integrity manufacturing processes.
  • We use Organic, wild crafted, Kosher, raw and nutrient-dense ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. Organic Certifications
  • Our calendula products are crafted using no electromagnetic machinery to disrupt their energetic properties.
  • All our products are made in a lab to ensure superior quality and tested for ph & purity.
  • We only use stainless and glass in our manufacturing - never aluminum containers or utencils. 
  • Our products are made in small batches using the same formulations for almost 15 years.


Environmentally Friendly





 We know how precious our Earth is, and we're committed to its preservation..




  • All our packaging is recyclable or reusable
  • We avoid extra packaging


  • NO petrochemicals or mineral oil
  • Vegan & renewable plant sources‑no animal products
  • We buy from small, sustainable, family-owned farms


  • We believe in creating jobs for local people
  • All of our artisan products are made in small batches

Green Energy

  • We use cleaner, renewable energy sources
  • We support local energy projects including wind, solar, and biomass


  • We utilize 100% recycled shipping materials


  • We have a dedicated recycling program for our production and shipping facility