Which Oil is Right For You?
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 6/10/2021



Oil will boost your skincare routine and give you that lovely and radiant glow. There is often a common belief that oil isn’t suitable for all skin types. Think again. Using an oil in your skincare routine will keep your skin hydrated, protected, balanced and nourished, to name a few. This is true for all types of skin, whether you have oily, acne-prone, combination, or dry skin. These oils are formulated with pure and natural ingredients that will keep your skin healthy and nourished. Here’s your guide to choosing an oil that’s right for you.




Vanilla + Avocado Oil

Bodyceuticals Vanilla + Avocado Oil is ultra-moisturizing while still being lightweight. This oil is filled with nutrients and absorbs quickly into the skin. This oil has a warming sensation due to its lovely vanilla scent. The Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean in this oil contains B vitamins and antioxidants that can help protect your skin against stress from the environment. This oil is also wonderful as a body and/or hair oil. You can also spritz this one in the bath for extra moisture. If you love a warming oil that is bursting with protective benefits and absorbs quickly, this oil is for you! Babies will love this one too!




Coconut + Aloe Oil

Bodyceuticals Coconut + Aloe Oil is a refreshing oil that’s perfect for a healthy summer glow. This oil will give you long lasting hydration and is perfect for moisturizing after a long day in the sun due to the nourishing ingredients of coconut oil and aloe. This oil is full of essential fatty acids which help strengthen the surface of the skin while also making the skin appear hydrated, smooth, healthy, and young. Much like the Vanilla + Avocado Oil above, this Coconut + Aloe Oil can be used on the hair, body and in the bath; it’s also great for babies and kids. If you need an oil that can help strengthen and smooth your skin, this one is for you; this oil is also a must if you live in a warm place to help nourish your skin after time in the sun.




Berry Beauty Drops

Bodyceuticals Berry Beauty Drops are the dream team for a healthy glow. These lightweight yet moisturizing oils are formulated with one ingredient each; the morning drops are made with 100% pure cold-pressed unrefined red raspberry seed and fruit oil and the night drops are made with 100% pure cold-pressed unrefined blackberry seed and fruit oil. The morning Bodyceuticals Raspberry Seed Illuminating Beauty Drops absorb quickly into the skin. The fresh raspberries in this oil are bursting with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and fatty acids which will help hydrate, repair, smooth and strengthen the skin. This oil will give you a healthy and nourished glow. The Bodyceuticals Blackberry Seed Restorative Beauty Drops are extremely nourishing and restorative. Blackberries are a rich source of Vitamin C which can protect, repair and help with collagen production. Blackberries also contain Vitamin E and fatty acids that will strengthen, moisturize, and protect the skin. If you need a pair of oils to add to your day and night routine that will help support and hydrate your skin while restoring and giving you an all day glow, this is a great duo for you.




Calendula Oil

Bodyceuticals Calendula Oil is a fan favorite due to its healing and moisturizing properties. This pure and golden oil is a raw and nutrient-rich multipurpose body oil that is bursting with vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, plant compounds and natural enzymes. It helps support dry skin conditions and is incredibly nourishing. This oil is also protective and also aids in the production of collagen, leaving your skin moisturized and plump. If you need an every day, any time oil that has incredible healing properties and is filled with nutrients, this is a lovely option.



A Retirement Letter From Our Founders
By: Angelique and Mark Saffle ~ 6/1/2021



A retirement letter from Bodyceuticals and our Founders


There was a sign hanging on the wall of my parent’s bakery. I remember as a little kid growing up staring at that sign. It hung prominently where people entered to purchase their baked goods. My father was an immigrant from Greece and my mother, also Greek, was a schoolteacher. They bought a little bakery back in 1963.


“The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress.”


There was something about that sign that resonated with me and when my parents sold the bakery I asked if I could keep it. Although I was never going to be a professional baker, all those years watching my parents create something successful and community focused has had a huge influence on me.


We made our first Bodyceuticals product in 2000 and with the help of a mentor and about two hundred dollars we started the business. With my husband and business partner Mark, we embarked on a journey that is now celebrating its twentieth year in business. We have been blessed to grow a company that is in partnership with thousands of customers, practitioners, stores, and spas all over the country and around the world.


There are different seasons in life and as we celebrate this milestone of twenty years, we feel it’s time to pass the torch.


Through the years we have received offers to sell Bodyceuticals. Our experience has been that sometimes companies that sell end up losing their quality and soul of the brand. So rather than selling to one of the big guys, we would like to just place this out into the Universe and into the hands of our customers to see what God has in store for us. We hope that Bodyceuticals resonates for someone out there. One of my early mentors in business taught me that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Maybe right now there is someone looking for this opportunity. If so, we would love to hear from you. (We kindly ask for serious inquiries only, due to the volume of emails we receive).


Along the way this business has given us the opportunity to help people take better care of themselves and to help others in need. Having a prosperous business opens many doors. Doing good for people and the planet – a legacy that we would love to pass on to future generations. And as we reflect on these twenty amazing years of friendships and growth, I think that is why we are here - to contribute something good to our world. We appreciate and value every one of our team members and customers. You are in our hearts and we are eternally grateful for your support.


“The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress”. Still as timely today as it was all those years ago as I stared at the sign in my parents’ bakery. To make true, meaningful progress in life, we must have friendship. After all, in the end, all we really have is each other.


God bless and thank you ~

Angelique and Mark Saffle

Founders, Bodyceuticals Calendula Skincare


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