Holiday Gift Guide
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 11/11/2019

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It’s about to be the most wonderful time of the year! That also means it’s time to start holiday shopping. I’ve got you covered with your ultimate wellness holiday gift guide. From high quality oils for your skincare obsessed friend to organic joggers for him and her, these are unique and perfect gifts for anyone special in your life. All of these products are hand-selected, ethical, good to the planet, and small companies that you can feel good about supporting.

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Bodyceuticals Certified Organic Calming Herbal Facial Steam

The Bodyceuticals Certified Organic Calming Herbal Facial Steam is the perfect gift for your spa-loving friend. This steam helps to relax, sooth and hydrate the skin while providing a calming experience. After using the steam, the herbal water can be used in the bath, as a soak or as a hair rinse once it has cooled. Formulated with calendula, lavender, chamomile, and rose petals, this organic steam is pure for any type of skin and/or age.[$24]


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Pact Waffle Jogger

Sustainably, fair trade and 100% cotton, these Pact Waffle Joggers are available for both him & her. Buy a pair for your favorite couple, your parents, and/or maybe even for you and your significant other. They’re cozy, lightweight and ideal for the winter season and come in the cutest shades. [$35]


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Bodyceuticals Gift Set

You can’t go wrong with a Bodyceuticals Gift Set where you can choose from skincare sets or various lip balms (stocking stuffers, anyone?). Made with only the best of the best ingredients in all Bodyceuticals products, you can trust that anyone’s skin will love these products. [$10-$65]


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Girlfriend Collective Leggings

 A local brand to the Seattle area, these Girlfriend Collective Leggings are loved by all and by the earth. They are made with recycled water bottles and fishing nets and look great on any and everybody. Go with a classic black pair or switch it up with the midnight color for your fitness-loving friend. [$78]


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Bodyceuticals Calendula + DMAE Facial Crème

The ultimate all natural repair cream and a best seller, the Calendula + DMAE Facial Crème is nourishing and perfect for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin. The fresh whipped cream will give the skin hydration while boosting collagen and smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles. [$26]


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Boll & Branch Robe

Because everyone needs a robe. These Boll & Branch robes are plush and absorbent with raving 5 star reviews. Boll & Branch is a company with a mission to create fair working wages, no child labor and saving water through organic farming. You can feel good buying this robe and the recipient can feel good wearing it. [$95-$100]


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Bodyceuticals Calendula + Honey Balm 

This Bodyceuticals Balm is great for the outdoorsy person in your life. This salve is locally made in the small town of Carnation, Washington, and formulated with the freshest and clean ingredients: organic olive oil, calendula flowers, beeswax, honey and vitamin E. This salve will soothe any dry skin area, bug bites, eczema and rashes. [$18]


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Hu Kitchen Cashew Butter + Vanilla Bean

Once you hop on the Hu Kitchen Train, no other chocolate will do. Hu Kitchen’s Cashew Butter & Vanilla Bean is formulated with organic cacao, cashews, unrefined organic coconut sugar, vanilla bean, organic fair-trade cocoa butter, almonds, hazelnuts and sea salt. This stuff is made with clean ingredients and tastes like heaven. You may even want to buy a pack as a Christmas present to yourself. No judgement here. [$25]


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Kim+Ono Facial Roller + Bodyceuticals Calendula Oil

A facial roller, like this Kim+Ono one, is the perfect gift to for any lady in your life - your wife, mom, mother-in-law, sister, aunt, grandma, you name it. Get her this paired with Bodyceuticals Organic Calendula Oil so that she can give herself an at-home facial. A facial roller helps circulate the blood and improves toning of the skin while calendula oil soothes the skin to leave it feeling soft and healthy. [$48]


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Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Sampler

This Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Sampler is filled with all the seasonal goodness. Made in the cute little town of Sebastopol, California, with the highest quality of herbs, this wellness sampler comes with Gypsy Cold Care, Throat Coat, Breathe Easy and Echinacea Plus to stay cozy while keeping the sick days at bay. [$6]


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Bodyceuticals Almond Body Bath Massage Oil

This Bodyceuticals Almond Oil is lightweight, pure and has the most warm and delicious scent that works as a body and face moisturizer, massage oil, lube or addition to the bath. Bodyceuticals also has this same amazing oil available in chocolate, coconut and cherry. [$21]


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Pf Candle Co. Seasonal Classic Gift Set

This PF Candle Co. Seasonal Classic Gift Set comes with the cozy and delicious scents of spiced pumpkin, spruce, and apple picking. Made with simple and pure ingredients in the cutest little amber glass jars, these are a great Christmas host gift or for your candle-obsessed sister. [$35]


*All photos from brand websites.

Holistic Healing
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 10/1/2019



Derived from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, neroli is a holistic healing oil that benefits your whole self, both mentally and physically. Neroli oil is extracted by steaming the flowers, giving the oil the most incredible natural citrus scent. You may notice neroli in your perfume or lotion as a form of natural fragrance and mood-booster, like Bodyceuticals Neroli + Calendula Firming Cream and Neroli + Calendula Hydrating Mist. Check out all the miraculous healing that neroli can offer your mind and body.





Neroli used in the form of aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety, sleep issues, depression and stress. Neroli is also a natural aphrodisiac and can help increase libido. Take a breath of neroli oil to help ease your mind during stressful situations such as traffic or during work/school. Neroli works to help the brain release serotonin (“the happy hormone”) while reducing cortisol (“the stress hormone”).  Add a drop or two to your pillow for a better night’s sleep or to your bathwater to help you relax. Spritz Bodyceuticals Neroli Mist during your nighttime cleansing routine or anytime to soothe and refresh skin. Neroli Mist can even be used in the delivery room to ease labor by helping decrease fear and anxiety that comes along with birth. Neroli oil is also used by many women to help improve menopausal symptoms such as sexual desire, stress and blood pressure. Neroli has incredible healing powers to help clear your mind naturally





Regenerate your skin to its youthful state: hydrated, soft, acne-free and undamaged from sun. Neroli can also help the appearance of stretch marks and any irritation or inflammation you may have. Alleviate cramps by using Neroli cream on your tummy, 2-3 drops of oil in your bathwater, or a few drops onto your heating pad. Spritz Bodyceuticals Neroli Mist to help alleviate breakouts, infections or irritated skin. Neroli can be used to heal the skin as well as protect from future damage.


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Bodyceuticals Neroli + Calendula Firming Creme is created with all-natural ingredients including Neroli Orange Blossom, Rose Flower Water, Hyaluronic acid, and DMAE. There’s a reason high end perfumes such as Tom Ford and Hermes sell a Neroli scented perfume. The crisp, herb-y and refreshing smell of the lightweight and silky Bodyceuticals creme can be used to not only gift you with luxurious and youthful skin, you will also always have a breathtaking scent. Bodyceuticals Neroli Creme helps to plump and tone any type of skin type 1-2 pumps of the Bodyceuticals creme once in the morning and one at night all over face, neck and chest areas for healthy skin, an incredible fragrance and a sound mind.


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