Calendula Skincare Products for Babies
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 4/15/2021



There’s nothing quite like the skin of a baby; it’s delicate, sensitive and oh so soft! Baby’s skin deserves gentle skincare products that will keep them feeling fresh and moisturized. There are thousands of products out there for babies’ skin but unfortunately, not too many have pure and natural ingredients that are healthy for a baby’s skin. These four products are formulated with natural ingredients that are safe for all ages and perfect for any skin type. Treat your little one to the best!


Organic Calendula Oil

There are endless uses to Bodyceuticals Organic Calendula Oil. When changing your sweet little one’s diaper, apply a few pumps just as you would a diaper balm. It’s soothing and moisturizing for their delicate skin. During bath-time, add a few pumps of this wonderful oil to keep their skin soft and healthy. After a bath, this is also a great oil to rub all over the body for a little baby massage! This one is even safe for their face. Add a pump or two to their hair to prevent and soothe cradle cap while keeping their hair and head moisturized. Made with organic unrefined extra-virgin olive oil, organic calendula flowers and Vitamin E, you can trust that this oil is safe and gentle for your baby’s skin.


Calendula Bioactive Salve

Pack the Bodyceuticals Calendula Bioactive Salve in your diaper caddy or in your diaper bag. This salve can be used just like the organic calendula oil and works wonders for soothing and moisturizing on any dry spots, like in between those sweet little thigh rolls, on their face and head or as a diaper balm. This thick salve is formulated with organic unrefined extra-virgin olive oil, organic calendula flowers, fresh local Pacific Northwest beeswax, and Vitamin E. These simple and pure ingredients are the perfect formula for your precious baby’s skin. This one also works great for moms as a breast balm for soothing. You can also mix this one with a bit of water to create a cleansing balm. Use a washcloth with the balm during bath time to wash your baby’s face, body and hair.


Aloe Skin Soothing Spray

Bodyceuticals Aloe Skin Soothing Spray is an ultra-soothing mist that is perfect for babies. This refreshing spray is made with organic aloe vera, neroli blossom and organic calendula flowers that will gently soothe your baby’s skin. Gently spritz all over baby’s body and spritz a little in your baby’s hair. The spray will hydrate the skin to provide relief for any dry spots. This is a great one to pack in your beach bag during the summer days to soothe their delicate skin as well.


Calendula Lip Balm

Babies little lips deserve love too! Use Bodyceuticals Organic Lip Balm on your baby’s lips to soothe and keep them moisturized. You won’t have to worry if they lick their lips or tend to put their fingers in their mouth because this formula is a simple and natural recipe of organic calendula oil, organic beeswax and Vitamin E. This lip balm is especially great for soothing a breastfeeding baby who tend to develop a feeding blister on the upper lip. You can also use this balm as a spot treatment for any dry spots when you’re on the go or at home.


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