Calendula Oil
Calendula Oil
Calendula Oil


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“Our most beloved product  -  for over 15 years”

Deep penetrating and soothing, this golden organic calendula oil is extraordinary for the skin.

Our calendula oil is a raw, nutrient-rich multipurpose body oil full of vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, plant compounds and natural enzymes. It helps support skin that is dry, cracked, sensitive and has eczema or psoriasis-like symptoms. 

  • Perfect for everyday use and for a variety of skin issues.
  • Pure and gentle enough for all ages
  • Highly effective, deep penetrating massage oil and lubricant
  • Use as a "clean" topical during cleansing programs
  • Being used as an adjunct treatment for radiation induced dermatitis
  • Trans-dermal penetration - absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and healthy


How to use: Use day or night on face and body. Pure and gentle enough for all ages. May be used as an oil cleanser.



Ingredients: Current harvest, USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Unrefined, Extra-virgin, First cold-pressed oil from olives,  Farm-fresh, USDA Certified Organic Whole calendula flowers grown using Biodynamic methods, High potency Vegan, non-GMO, mixed tocopherol Vitamin E (soy free). 

USDA Certified Organic | Vegan | Kosher | Food grade | Small batch | Wheat free | Gluten free | Soy free | non GMO.

3.5 oz recyclable, refillable pump bottle



*Due to the cold winter weather our high quality oil may appear cloudy when it gets cold.  If this should occur, just place in a room temperature room and it will become liquid again.

Product Reviews

“It’s the highest quality” *****
- Submitted by Jo S., North Bend, WA

All I ever use is bodyceuticals Organic Calendula Oil. It is the highest quality calendula infusion I have ever used."  

"That calendula oil is the BEST! *****
- Submitted by Kibby B., Seattle, WA

I love it and use it exclusively (well, besides your coconut body cocktail). It really has made such a huge difference for my hands which are plagued with extremely cracked, dry, cracked skin.  It's been great on my tattoos too. 

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the calendula oil!” *****
- Submitted by Kathi D. , Redmond, WA

"My hair was all dry and brittle so I decided to try the oil as an overnight hair conditioning treatment, and WOW! When I washed it out the next day, my hair was so silky and shiny! It is amazing stuff!" 


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